Where is Bessarabia situated?
Today the major part of Bessarabia is situated in Moldova, the Black Sea region is part of the Ukraine. Most of the German settlements were located there.
The natural borders of Bessarabia are formed by the rivers Dniester and Prut. The territory covers 17,270 square miles (about 280 miles long and an average 62 miles wide). In southern Bessarabia, the land is predominately typical steppe.

Scholtoi is located in the Northwest of Bessarabia, about 12 miles away from the city Falesti.
The exact position is 47°27'48 north, 27°48'53 east. The village lies at 380 feet above sea level.

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Bessarabia: in the Southeast of Europe
Scholtoi lies in the Northwest of Bessarabia, far away from most of the other German settlements. Only 3 more Bessarabian-German villages were located in the region around the city Belz/Balti, amongst them the village Ryschkanowka where the parents of the former German Federal President Horst Koehler came from.
In Galicia, Ugartsthal and Kolomea are marked as many settlers emigrated to Scholtoi from those two communities, as well as Naslawtscha in the upper North of Bessarabia.

Between Galicia and Bessarabia was the Bukovina, also known under the German name "Buchenland" (beech land).

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The former German settlements in Bessarabia

For orientation:
The arrow indicates the location of Scholtoi inside of Bessarabia.

Map of the German settlements in Bessarabia (PDF)

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Today the former Scholtoi is named Soltoaia and belongs to the community Ciolacu Nou.
Other associated places are the neighboring villages Ciolacu Vechi, Fagadau and Pocrovca.
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